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Avondale Elementary

Dekalb County Schools


Once on our Launchpad (Clever)
Locate and click on the VERGE icon (see below) located under the DCSD Digital Learning Tools in Launchpad. 
If requested, click Log in with DeKalb County School District account (see below)
You should now see the VERGE Home Screen. 
Click on Courses and then click on the desired course.
Make sure that you visit each of your courses for learning activities.
There is a scroll bar to use if you do not see your course. Make sure that your course has a B (B is for spring semester courses).
Once you click on the course, you will see the Overview page then
Click on Resources.
Click on the VLA: Inclement Weather on the left or in the center. 
Click on Week 1 from March 16-20 for learning activities and assignments.
Click on Week 2  from March 23-27 for learning activities and assignments.

Follow the directions on the activities or assignments. If you have further questions, please contact your teacher