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Avondale Elementary

Dekalb County Schools

Comprehensive School Counseling Program

Student of the Month

 Student of the Month

Bullying Prevention Initiatives

 Band Against Bullying and Drugs Parade Banners

Social Emotional Learning Classroom Guidance Lessons


Staff Wellness Initiatives

Staff Massages During Staff De-stress Week
Staff Massages for Stress Management 
The mission of our school counseling department is to provide school counseling services to assist all students in maximizing their full academic, social and emotional development. As a professional school counselor, I meet the needs of our students by doing the following.:

1. Providing classroom guidance lessons that teach skills to promote student academic, social and emotional development.

Some classroom guidance topics such as.: feelings, respect, responsibility, integrity, listening skills, doing homework, following directions and careers.

2. Providing small group counseling that meet the needs of our students.
Grief and loss counseling
New student group

3. Provide individual counseling services for student.

3. Provide opportunities for parents to network and obtain information about meeting the needs of students through parent workshops.

4. Coordinate activities to educate students about various careers.

5. Provide students with opportunites to learn about economics from community business representatives.

6. Plan activities that discourage students from using drugs

7. Consult and collaborate with classroom teachers to assist them in meeting the needs of students.

Career Classroom Guidance Lessons