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Avondale Elementary

Dekalb County Schools

About Us

About Us

 International Baccalaureate School

Avondale Elementary School will provide students with authentic real-world experiences that challenge them to be caring communicators, collaborators, and critical thinkers with local, national, and global awareness acquired through inquiry and problem-based learning. 
Avondale's Vision Statement 
Avondale Elementary will be a school where students realize that education is the power to becoming
contributing members of society.
 Avondale's 3 R Pledge
I pledge to be respectful in all of my actions, responsible for all of my choices and resourceful in all
of my decisions. Following the 3 R's, I honor my school, my family and myself.
Highly Qualified Teachers
In compliance with the requirement of the ESEA/NCLB, all of the teachers at Avondale Elementary are highly qualified. Parents have the right to request information about their child's teachers' training and credentials.